Sunday, 6 September 2009

do it yourself Sunday.

1. Take 6 samples of your favourite designed fabrics and cut into 6 different sized squares.

2. Take one of the biggest squares and cut it in half.
3. Then in half again.
4. And again, until you have a triangle with THREE folds.

5. Hold the closed bottom of the triangle with the CLOSED folds facing right.
6. Starting from about .5'' of the bottom, cut a nice big oval shape, up around the right edge and around the left side, it should look like half a heart.
 Here is the cut triangle (you can see that it looks like half a heart and everything is cut away except the bottom where my finger is that un cut part holds it all together)

7. Open the pattern up to reveal your cut flower.

8. Now repeat these stages with all the other pieces of sqaure cut fabrics.

9. Layer them on top of each other, unevenly.

10. Now this is complete, it's time to make the flower look more frumpy.
First, fold the flower in half, and in half again, and place in the centre of your hand, and SQUEEZE for a few seconds.

Now you're complete, you can decide what you wish to make with the flower.
A hairband, a collage piece, a brooch?

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