Thursday, 25 March 2010


Magazine Artwork

Coming up next term with uni, i have a magazine project, where me and my partner get to create a whole one.
This cover is a major inspiration as it's so different from any other conventional mags ive seen about.
If anyone else knows of any other unique mags, leave a comment! :)

shimmering vomit of crystals

These stunning photos were found on Mandy's blog 'Shimmering vomit of Crystals'.
The beautiful jewel colours clashed together really makes a statement and gives a lucrative exotic look.
They could look great as part of a cosmetics advertisement centred around colour and experimenting.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Vogue Beautfiul

How beautiful are these 2 cover editorials from Vogue Russia?!
Both stunningly styled to keep fitting with the overall theme of the issue, with both colour and font been taken into consideration.
The first image is reminiscent of an exotic jungle with emerald green leaves framing the beauty of the exotic flower. I adore how well established Vogue is to be able to not show all the letters of the publication and keep the front cover content to a minimum to create that luxury, high class publication.