Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Storm Appearance

Here they are; Mary-Kate and Ashley make a stunning appearance on the red carpet for the Elle Style awards 2010.
Ashley blew the crowds away in a beach storm, vintage Christian Lacriox, adding that Ashley Olsen touch fo wow with enviable Fendi heels. Whilst Mary-Kate modelled a sophisticated yet bursting with subliminal sexiness Lanvin, accessorized with a Proenza PS1 clutch.

Unfortunatly women of the year didn't go to either of these beauties, but which twin took your vote in the style contest this time? I think i'm going to have to go Ashley for that stunning trail.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Having just returned from a week in Paris and looking back on my photos, i'm deeply missing the beautiful photographic scenery i experienced in my time there.
Staying in Bobigny, quite a distance away from the main centre of Paris, when we first arrived, after a 13 hour coach journey via the EuroTunnel, i wasn't too impressed with the deserted, graffiti'd environment that surrounded us.
However, after a couple of days of adapting to the Metro's, we discovered what Paris was best known for to tourists, it's stunning architecture all framed by pretty soft lighting, really bringing Paris to life come evening time.
With miles of footpaths to walk to explore everywhere around you, you would never be short of discovering new things in Paris. Streets are lined with independant, friendly cafe's offering some of France's traditional plates (at VERY expensive prices may i add!!), however definitly worth the investment to pretend for an hour or two that your living the life of Amelie or such other famous french role models.

Coming to the end of our holiday to Paris, we took a trip up the Eiffel Tower. Having experienced Paris from footpaths in a maze type of experience being surrounded by buildings, seeing Paris from such a height was an breath taking experience and was such a brilliant way to end the trip leaving my memory full with gorgeous, dream worthy images of the city of Paris; a city decorated by fairy lights.