Friday, 22 January 2010

put up your name!

What a fantastic way to display your name. This could be a great idea for my self promotion business card in my 3rd year of uni. I feel a photoshoot coming on!!..

make a point.

Great inspiration from the fonts and first letters to visually represent the department stores!

Burning Beauty

These images are beautifully styled, with reference being made to the wild through the models snakeskin effect tights and the photoshopped lace framing her face in the second image is striking and a really clever idea to gain attention.

The brightness of the yellow works stunningly against the mono tone of the photograph at the the bottom.

Publication: Numero No104
Editorial: Forest Princess
Photographer: Greg Kadel
Styling: Patti Wilson

Line and Shapes

I'm absolutly in love with the structure of this whole editorial. Stunning.

Editorial: The Lines and the Shapes
Publication: Vogue Italia, Feb 2005
Model: Gemma Ward
Photographer: Craig McDean