Monday, 23 February 2009

LOVE magazine

The new and awaited magazine LOVE has finally hit our shelfs all around the nation!

And the suspense of what the new cover is going to look like has been revealed and i can say that i LOVE it!!

The use of simple, but beautiful photography mixed with a mental embossed font for a clear and catchy title! However, i do feel that the title doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the hand finished elements, such as the tattoo we see on Beths arm to the handwriting catchlines around the side.

What i do find effective cover art though is the way the artist has arranged the writing around the curves of Beth, to give them real emphasis and draw attention to the photography on cover.

As soon as i find the money, i will be running down to Smiths to collect my copy of this magazine!!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Nick Knight

I've recently just become a fan of fashion photographer Nick Knight!

He is among the worlds most influential photographers, and has worked with numerous major magazine labels including;Vogue, Dazed and Confused and ID, to name a few. Alongside producing some amazign advertising projects for big name designers, such as Dior and Alexader McQueen.

What is noted about Nick Knight, and a main reason for my new found love in his work, is that he had challenged the conventioanl notions of beauty.

Although one of his main influential collaberation models is Kate Moss, Agyness' arch enemy, so the media call it, i will definitly be a close follower of him from now on.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Hair Trend Spring/Summer 2009- Rock n Roll

While the rock influence might be nothing new for hair - think Autumn/Winter 2008-9's glam rock phase - this season's look is taking the concept right back to its rock 'n' roll roots. Chloe and Anna Sui both sent out models with roughed up, dishevelled manes, harking back to the genre's 1960s heyday, while L'Wren Scott's models were given long, sweeping and thick-cut fringes for a true Marianne Faithfull edge. Reject the rules of grooming for spring because fashion seems to be embracing the frizzy, the messy and the untamed all over again.

For the summer, messy, un cared for pony tails and under scooped plaits will be taking the form of my hairstyle, with my fringe looking straight but less groomed!

Much easier hairstyles this season! I like it!!

More Tim Walker magic.

'An Imaginary Landscape'

Everytime i open my fresh copy of Vogue, Tim Walker never fails to amaze me with his photoshoots. Capturing amazing scenes each time, that are all somehow completely different but still manage to grasp my attention immediatly!

I think he should one day do a photoshoot in this style but situate it in a fairground, with giant candy sweets, merry go rounds and clowns!

That accessory named 'hair'

'She has taken the fashion world by storm and is tipped as a successor to Kate Moss'

Her hairstyle has recently caused a massive fenzy within the media, with celebrities and people alike rushing to hairdressers to get the chop and peroxide treatment!
I love how whatever style she styles her hair, may it be dark, pink, smooth, textured... she always manages to pull it off! Now this is what we call a talented supermodel! May it continue!..


Saturday, 14 February 2009

Tim Walker: Photographer

Tim Walker, brings the imagination and the beauty to pages of Vogue, with a sprinkle of modern seasoning.

His images are beautifully captured, and are so very soft and delicate on the eye, we find ourselves drifiting into a dream of a magical world created by Tim Walker.



Bows, Bows, Bows
Leather Bolero by moschino cheap and chic, 'rodarte' sunglasses by Linda Farrow, and the HOT bag by Alexis Mabille!! I promise that if i become a heiress to somthing anytime soon, that will be the 1st item i purcahse!! x x x

Please may i have...

I'm loving all the fairtytale/comic inspired pieces out this spring!!
The neon accessories will transform a plain outfit in seconds, and get you noticed, whilst looking subtle and sophisticated.

The grey poplin inspired dress would most certainly be teamed with a spring heart shaped patent bag in oen of this seasons candy colours.


Colour livens up any outfit, and never fails to get you noticed!

I love how the outfits are instantly updated too with the new messed up bob, sporting a bang fringe!
(top left: Hrabina von Tup Tup, bottom left: Galliano Spring 09)