Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Vogue Italia September 09 presents...

Autumn is now upon us, dark nights are here, leaves are falling off the trees, and Christmas theatre plays are being advertised. Vogue Italia catches the season so perfectly in one of my favourite editorials yet!!
The colours are amazing, bright but yet so deep, sealing in the autumn atmosphere.

What are your thoughts on this editorial, and which front cover did you buy? Mine was the second one!

I loved the overall collage effect of the layout of this article i found in Elle Magazine.
The background of the page is a notebook, giving the illusion that you're getting priority seeing something that you shouldn't do from somebody elses notebook.
I think the mixture between hand writing and typed text is a good mix and also adds into the personalized effect, and the heart sticky label works well with the quirky 'British' theme the page holds.
The look the page gives off is like opening a scrapbook and being faced with lots of goodies bursting out as us!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Pink, candy, teddy bear, ribbons, bows, balloons. Heavenly.

Tous Fall/Winter 2009 advertising campaign.
Feelings of youthful innocence are brought together with a soft, matte, gold combination designed in a sweet outline of our favourite childhood teddybear.

just another magazine...

Autumn is now upon us with this cherry coloured editorial from Another magazine.
Kate Moss in Galiano looks stunning in these bruised pinks and purples, and the volume is stunning- creating a dreamy, heavenly effect of floating pink.

Gemma Ward

Draped in purple and wrapped in roses, this image is luxuriously stunning.
I love how her lipstick is match so perfectly to the tones in the roses, as the image is really brought together and balanced perfectly.

Darla Baker

I found these AMAZING photos on Knight Cat's blog, and had to blog them on my own page as they're so beautiful!
The images are so strong with their powerful use of neon technicolours, and she owns the most amazing facial structures.
Definitly a rose that has blossomed out into our eyes!

Sunday, 27 September 2009


I really love the overall appearance of this editorial. The bright neon colours really stand out and pop on the dark black, contrast background. I think hand written fonts layered on top of digital photographs make any editorial look unique and individual, as it suddenly owns a kind of personal touch, even though it's probabaly been printed over a million times.
The composition too is well composed, with the the two tallest girls in the middle and two shortest on the outer sides, this leads your head from the left, up and around to the right, where you're then faced with the text to read.
This type of inspiration would work well for a brand wanting to portray a street and quirky edge to their image.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Designer vs. Highstreet

Seen on the feet of models catwalking for designer Mario Scwab's Spring 2010 ready to wear collection, cut out heels with a tie up lace were seen as the ideal footwear.
However, instead of being your credit card's worst enemy, get yourself to Topshop now to buy these fool-proof copies and be smugly prepared for next spring!

Luella SS10

Loving the heart cut out cocktail dress!

And the cute, careless tie ups with the hair, secured with a cute kitsch bow just means we can spend an extra hour on our make-up, creating them bejewelled eyes, just like Luella!

Bubbles, Bikes and Balloons

I found these dreamy images on Fated to Pretend blog, and had to show them to you.
I find them the most calmful and beautfiul pieces of photography.
The bubble piece would look perfect printed out and stuck onto the front cover of my jotter, it would provide the perfect base to then add some fancy text on top, and would never fail to put a smile on my face everytime i took it out of my bag.

Similarly, the photograph of the bike would be ideal to glue to the back of a jotter or diary to symbolize the end or leaving, like the bike is leaving off onto a journey.

Credit to:

Monday, 21 September 2009

Matthew Williamson SS10

Embellishments, brights and metallics are all thrown in together to create this stunning upcoming collection from Matthew Williamson.

Paper-bag waisted shorts appeared in pastel, metallic shades, teamed effortlessly with a chiffon top.
Pattern is also proving to be a popular trend for SS10, as we can see from Williamson's deisgns here. Perfect for women wishing to embrace in this new trend but are more body conscious than these runway models. Aim for larger, vertical patterns to create a slimming effect, and lighter shades in your slimmest areas to create emphasis to that area.

Julian Macdonald SS10

Peep toe ankle boots in grey, nude and cream strutted their way down this catwalk collection by Julian Macdonald.

Again, shoulders played a main priority, with shoulder pads and oversized off the shoulder sleeves balanced out what we can witness as the comeback of the mini-dress for SS10!
The style of these dresses was to embrace every curve a women owns and really bring that long lost, sex appeal. 'Controlled and tight' is how Macdonald was continually describing his collection backstage.

Anotonio Berardi SS10

Nude, boned and embellishment.
These are the basics to what Anotonio Berardi sent down the runway for his SS10 collection.

After this, we can see pops of bright royal colours, particularly electric blue and vampire red, added in with neutral tones to really make them pop and stand out.
The structure of shoulders is still staying a main priority with his summer collection, whether it be a sweetheart, boned corset, leaving bare shoulders seductivly naked. Or structured shoulder pads added into tailored summer blazers.

The 1920's women takes on a whole new look in SS10.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Topshop Unique SS10

As this years summer goes down in a sunset, we are already saying hello to SS10 with Topshop Unique.
Going very laid back, beachside vibe, with t-shirts being emblazened with vintage skateboard stickers looking super cute teamed with sand-washed denim this season.
Baseball jackets will be the perfect summer solution to them unpredictable see breezes gazing on off the ocean. Oversize is the best size when it comes to wearing these jackets.

Silk dresses featuring sporty toggles and buckles were dressed down with oversized sweatshirts and had an ultra cool vibe when teamed with pale driftwood platforms and oversized clutch bags strewn with sea-inspired charms.

I'm also adoring the laid back, can't be bothered, effortless ponytails that are loosly piled on top of the head and set in place with a pop pastel coloured ribbon. And neon lips and nails are a must!

Oh i'm counting down on the calander already!!