Tuesday, 8 September 2009


These are just a selection of my favourite images from Tim Walker. I love the mystical, magical feeling of all his photos. He uses wonderful luxury, golden colours, with lighting used so perfectly that the model's face's all seem so soft and fragile, imaging that of a porcelain doll.
My favourite is the image below, it reminds me of growing up; playing in clothes and shoes that were far too big for you, and leading that fun and careless life outdoors in the summer time with friends, in big, wide open greenland. Living in a perfect bubble, yet to come face to face with the big harsh world. The dazed sunset in the background mirrors the end of what would have been a warm, and playful day with those people called My Best Friends.


  1. Tim Walker is such a genius! I love these pics.

  2. love Tim Walker's photography!these are amazing

  3. Gorgeous aren't they!?
    All his work is so different in composition but always contains the same wonderful touch he gives to each photograph.
    Thank you for your comments! :) xxx