Friday, 18 September 2009

Stone to the Bone

She's the new hottest crush in the Vogue office this summer, and this photo we can't really argue against!
This model oozes uniqueness and beauty, the owner of the famous gap tooth, that has become her trademark beauty distinguisher, and a gorgeous hot voluptuous bod!
All models should take a leap out of Lara's books, she's an inspiration to all, through her own fashion style that she's created through to making the most out of her natural beauty she was blessed with.

There's a pandemic arising within the media this week in connection with the launch of London Fashion week, about models being seen as triggers in eating dis-orders in young girls.
I think Lara should gain as much credit as she deserves as a model, and hope young girls look up to her, and learn to love what mother nature blessed them with!

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