Sunday, 20 September 2009

couture fashion cupcakes

Louis Vuitton Cupcakes

Chanel Cupcakes

Christian Louboutin Cupcakes

Betsey Johnson Cupcakes

Vera Wang Cupcakes

Agent Provocateur Cupcakes

Talk about living the designer lifestyle. Haute couture and buttercream.
These cupcakes don't need to worry about their dressing style!

I think these cupcakes are excellent creations based on how we see the brand essence as being! From the flavour of the cupcake, to the colour of the icing, through to the decorations on top, to finally the stand as to which the cupcakes are proudly placed upon. Each of these aspects reflects the true brand essence of each brand!!
So gorgeous, i would once be squeezed to eat the cake!!

My favourite is the Betsey Johnson creation. Purely because of the fun and alive nature of the whole work, it immediately stands out and grabs my childish attention and love i have for sweets and bright colours.
What's your favourite? Let me know!

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