Sunday, 2 August 2009

Wildfox 2008. Lookbook Inspiration

I found these images hugely inspirational for lookbook idea's that i could use next year for my uni projects. I love the front cover of this summer 2008 catalogue as it really sets the scene for what to expect within the book, its given us the idea that we're going to get to experience 'that summer' through images and text when we open the booklet. It also entices people in to take notice of the booklet more by not keeping the text alligned and letting words seperate and run onto different lines, therefore making you stop and pay more attention to fully read it! Again, the bold text vs. the bleached image, makes a good combination, compared if the image was the same boldness, overall it would be too much, and we may not be as drawn into the text as much.
The last page is a lovely way to end the book, with a sunset background to symbolise the end of the catalogue and a lovely, and simple statement to leave us with a happy feeling.

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